MotorStorm RC hits PS3 and Vita in March

Sony has announced it’ll be releasing MotorStorm RC through the PlayStation Store next month. Built to play on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, the game’s a cross-platform download that’ll be available for both systems from the one purchase. Offering an RC twist on the MotorStorm formula, Sony bills the title as “classic arcade racing” tweaked with modern gameplay and presentation features.

Sony says it’s proud of the game’s accessibility and cross-platform features. The PS3 version boasts HD graphics, stereoscopic 3D, single-screen SimulView multiplayer and four-player splitscreen – but all times, scores, unlocks and progress are automatically synced to the Vita version, a feature we’re looking forward to seeing more of. The game will be available through the North American PlayStation Store come March 6, at which time there’ll also be a cross-platform demo available for you to sample.

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