Duncan Jones new movie Mute imagines a dark world with Hasselhoff on its banknotes

In Duncan Jones’ (Moon, Warcraft) upcoming sci-fi flick Mute (opens in new tab), a man who cannot speak must venture into the dark and seedy underbelly of a Blade Runner-esque version of Berlin to find his missing love. Also in Duncan Jones’ upcoming sci-fi flick Mute, society now uses paper money with the likes of David Hasselhoff, Claudia Schiffer, and Karl Marx replacing the faces we know today.

@moviemaster1993 haha! Been lots of fun! Made the German crew laugh with this one… pic.twitter.com/BIkvQG4jp5December 8, 2016

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BirthMoviesDeath (opens in new tab) reports that the fake 10s and 20s (colloquially referred to as a “Hoff” and a “Schiff” respectively) had to be monitored closely, since extras tended to sneak those off-set. Joke’s on them when they go to pay for anything using their ill-gotten gains, though – I can’t imagine anything but The David Hasselhoff Fan Club accepting such currency.

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Image credit: birthdeathmovies.com

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