Kojimas best tip for playing MGS5: take a break

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (opens in new tab) is unlike any Metal Gear game before it. You can deploy whenever and wherever you want, you can invade other players’ Forward Operating Bases (when the servers are working (opens in new tab)), and you can even go cardboarding (opens in new tab). The open world of “free infiltration” might be too much to handle in large doses, so Hideo Kojima has offered some helpful tips on Twitter for healthful MGS5 play.

Pls take a break time to time as this free infiltration exhausts you if playing for a long time.(cont)September 3, 2015

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Go back to MB between main missions, take a walk, or do the silly SIDE OPS to get mind reset.September 3, 2015

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Unfortunately for him, he apparently can’t ever turn off the “created and directed by Hideo Kojima” part of himself to just enjoy the fruits of his labor. It’s especially bad this time around, since all the weirdness with Konami (opens in new tab) means he may not be able to go back and fix any of the glitches or mistakes he encounters…

To tell the truth, since long ago I’ve stopped playing my game at home once it launched. I can watch someone playing just fine but (cont)September 3, 2015

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I can’t do it by myself as I may find something I want to fix again thou I had played over and over during the development.September 3, 2015

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