Marvels Thor celebrates the big 25 with another fight with Hulk and a look ahead at his future

Even for an immortal god like Marvel’s Thor who has lived eons, reaching a big round number in age means something. This May, he’s celebrating 25 issues of the current Donny Cates/Nic Klein volume with an oversized anthology issue.

Thor #25 main cover

Thor #25 main cover (Image credit: Gary Frank (Marvel Comics))

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If you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Hey, didn’t Marvel already announce another Thor issue would be one of these big anthology-size issues celebrating a big number?’ Yes, you are right. April’s Thor #24 will also be a big anthology celebrating a numeral achievement for the Thor series; using Marvel math, and counting up the number of Thor issues between all its nine volumes, Thor #24 will be the 750th issue of Thor.

But whereas Thor #24’s credits list series writer Donny Cates and artist Nic Klein along with some big-name creators from Thor’s past such as J. Michael Straczynski, Walter Simonson, and Dan Jurgens, Thor #25 features Cates and Klein in their usual roles with new creators to the Thor-fold – namely, writer Nadia Shammas and artist Martin Coccolo. “And more” Marvel promises.

While the main story will continue the ‘Banner of War’ event pitting Thor vs. the Hulk, the additional stories will be looking ahead to “possible futures of Thor and his friends” according to the publisher.

Thor #25 will feature a main cover by Gary Frank, and variants from a host of talent including John Romita Jr., Sanford Greene, J. Scott Campbell (three versions), Ron Lim, Geoff Shaw, Chrissie Zullo, and more. Check out those released so far here:

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(Image credit: John Romita Jr. (Marvel Comics))

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Thor #25 variant covers

(Image credit: Chrissie Zullo (Marvel Comics))

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Thor #25 goes on sale on May 4.

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