Marvel delays massive Loki Omnibus until the fall

With MCU fans riding high on the current Disney Plus Loki TV series, some will no doubt be disappointed that a planned, nearly definitive collection of most all of Marvel’s Loki comic books has been pushed back to the fall.

Marvel Comics has informed retailers that a ginormous 1008-page Loki Omnibus (opens in new tab) hardcover originally planned to come out July 28 has now been postponed back to September 1 for comic stores (with a Mark Brooks cover), and September 14 for bookstores (with a Jack Kirby/Vince Colletta cover). The publisher didn’t give a reason for this delay, but the date change moves the $125 collection from coming out two weeks after Loki’s season one finale, to nearly two months after.

Loki Omnibus

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“Celebrate the God of Mischief’s classic villainy in a volume full of diabolical deceit! Featuring every Loki appearance from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s legendary era of THOR – and more – it’s a volume full of brotherly rivalry, deadly plots, and wicked magic!” reads Marvel Comics’ description of Loki Omnibus. “Across the ages, Loki’s tricks on Thor are a treat to read as he wreaks havoc on Asgard and Midgard – banishing Jane Foster to Limbo, trading spells with Doctor Strange, and masterminding a Thor/Silver Surfer battle – and of course, causing the Avengers to first assemble!”

The 1008-page Loki Omnibus will contain: 

  • Avengers (1963) #1
  • Journey Into Mystery (1952) #111, #113, and #115 – #123
  • Thor (1966) #126 – #129, #142, #147 – #157, #167, #173, #175 – #177, #179 – #181
  • Thor Annual #2
  • Material from Journey Into Mystery (1962) #85, #88, #91, #92, #94, #97, #100 – #104, #107 – #108, #110, #112, #114, #124, and #125
  • Strange Tales (19510 #123
  • Tales To Astonish (1959) #101
  • Silver Surfer (1968) #4

Loki Omnibus

(Image credit: Jack Kirby/Vince Colletta (Marvel Comics))

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For those looking to fill their Loki fix right this moment, there are three major Loki collections on stands (and digitally): Loki: Agent of Asgard – The Complete Collection (opens in new tab), Marvel-Verse: Loki (opens in new tab), and The Trials of Loki: Marvel Tales #1 (opens in new tab). A collection of Loki’s time as a woman in comics, titled Loki: Mistress of Mischief (opens in new tab), will be released in comic book stores the same day as the Loki series finale, July 14. A collection of the current Thor & Loki: Double Trouble (opens in new tab) goes on sale September 1, with a new printing of the Young Avengers by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie Omnibus (opens in new tab) due out October 6.

As for why this seemingly opportune Loki Omnibus has been delayed, it’s unclear – but has become part of a pattern of stocking issues at Marvel. Following the debut of WandaVision in the spring, Marvel has found itself out of stock on many of its key Wanda and Vision collections.

Make sure you’ve read the best Loki stories of all time. 

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