Mario Kart 64 speedrunner now holds the world record in all 32 courses

A Mario Kart 64 speedrunner has achieved the world record in all 32 courses making him the only person in the world to hold them all simultaneously. 

Dan Burbank has managed to achieve the world record on all 16 tracks in the game,
in both single lap and three-lap races and without the use of shortcuts. That’s a record that several players in the Mario Kart 64 speedrunning community have also attempted, but Burbank managed to reach his goal on August 8 whilst racing on the Sherbet Land course as Yoshi. 

A video showing the exact moment Burbank crossed the finish line and achieved his goal was broadcast on Twitch. In the video, you can hear the probably exasperated player throw his controller down and say “Thirty-two out of thirty-two records. It happened… it’s over, it’s over, it’s over.” Honestly, we’d be pretty excited too, especially since the original challenge was set by the speedrunning community way back in 2013.

It has happened.Dan just achieved 32/32 non-shortcut records in Mario Kart 64. He only reached 31/32 once, and converted it to 32/32 later the same day.Check out the moment it happened - 9, 2021

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Some of Burbank’s records are tied, however, as the speedrunner has a rival in the Mario Kart 64 speedrunning community; Matthias Rustemeyer has also been attempting to reach the 32/32 goal and has so far only been able to reach 31/32 on eight separate occasions.

Documenting the journey towards the elusive 32/32 world record is YouTuber SummoningSalt (opens in new tab), who also shared Burbank’s victory on their Twitter account (opens in new tab). The 47-minute long documentary follows the history of the world record and the rivalry between Burbank, Rustemeyer, and several others in the community.

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