Lucasfilm meddles with Star Wars films for Blu-ray release

Has The Empire struck again? Is it true that the Star Wars Blu-ray collection contains slightly different versions of the films as George Lucas tinkers once more?

Lets roll that slowly crawling plot reveal and see…

A long time ago and far, far away, a company called Lucasfilm released some popular films into cinemas. And then it offered them as home entertainment releases. And then new film technology came out so the films were ‘updated’ and then those updated versions came out as home ents releases but new formats also meant more tinkering until fans were very angry indeed! And now the Blu-ray version includes even more changes.

Yes, The Beard is at it again. Blogger Devin Faraci was first to point out that several changes, including one in Episode IV and two in Episode VI , are really happening.

Footage can already be found online of a new sound when Obi Wan scares away the Jawas in the original Star Wars , plus Ewoks blinking thanks to CGI and Vader shouting “Nooooooo” as he deals with Emperor Palpatine in Jedi .

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