Lost Planet 3 Albino Tarkaas locations guide

The Albino Tarkaa is an elusive creature hidden throughout EDN III only available to be hunted about midway through the campaign when you’ve reached the Camp of Forgotten and helped their various errands. Each Tarkaa’s location is ‘hinted at’ thanks to vague riddles, but to help you out even more, you’re gifted a tracker that alerts you of their placement in the vicinity. Capture (and by capture we mean simply scan them with your DNA-pistol attachment) all 10 and your fellow etymologist will offer upgrades in exchange. If you shoot them, they scamper off and you’ll need to leave the area and try again.

Of course, you want achievements and trophies, so let’s just cut right to the chase and tell where you can find them all, eh?

Albino Tarkaa DNA #1

Hint: “Cross a flying fox for her perilous home near a groaning ravine.”

Just outside the main hangar of Coronis, to the left, is a winch-accessible zipline that leads to an embankment with a few T-Eng canisters encased in ice, but more importantly, your first Albino Tarkaa.

Aim up and make sure your reticle is yellow and scan away. Congratulations, you’re now 1/10 to finding all of the elusive Albino Tarkaa.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #2

Hint: “An elevator reaches for a stormy sky – at its foot, look high.”

Vague, right? This Tarkaa is found in Marshall’s Gorge which requires the winch accessory for your Rig.

Fire across the ice stalagmites and into the abandoned facility; as the scanner finishes, head inside and look up and scan your second Albino Tarkaa and hop back in your Rig.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #3

Hint: “Seething Akrid cave with stalactite teeth-skyward is she found.”

This is probably the best hint you’ll get for any Albino Tarkaa, but to cut the chase even shorter, it’s in Diaz Cavern which is an offshoot from White Canyon Junction. Of course, the easiest hint means the hardest Tarkaa to find. When you enter the cavern, you’ll likely see some other Akrid. Worry not, you can shoot and kill them and the Tarkaa wil still stick around unless you hit it. Its tail will be likely all you see, so aim true, and be patient. As soon as your gauge is full, head back to your rig and on to the next one.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #4

Hint: “T-ENG tank near our forgotten home – go below to find her above.”

You’ll need the magnetic hook attachment before you can reach this Tarkaa. Don’t worry though, it comes soon after your hunt begins. As your rig builds a zip-line to the cave outside of The Killing Fields left of the entrance of the Camp of Forgotten. Once inside the cave, use you hook to head up and then down a few levels to find the Tarkaa resting on a ledge. Easy pickings, and number 4 of 10. Almost half way home!

Albino Tarkaa DNA #5

Hint: “Dark hidden belly – she bides her time within the war machines and arms”

‘War machines and arms’, sounds like an armory to me! Head to Pickett’s Folly and recently explored Security Installation to find this little guy. You’ll likely face several other beasties in your quest, you be prepared; it’s nothing you can’t handle though. Once you’re in the small shelved room, head to the back (across from an audio log) and find the red glowing area and scan. There, now you’re half way to finishing.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #6

Hint: “Frozen fields of white amidst pumping iron beasts – she hides in its warmth.”

Recall that giant crab, whose weak point you attacked for massive damage earlier in the game? No? Well, it was in Bailey’s Crossing, so fast travel there and head up to the shack on the hill with your magnetic hook. Fall in to the crevice and head off to the right and find your sixth Tarkaa just waiting for your glowing scan.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #7

Hint: “Pristine plain scarred by a fallen cask – look within her dead broken earth.”

Easiest. Find. EVER! Head to Bishop’s Wake, when you spawn there, head south, look for the small little offshoot of land, hop out of your rig, and scan, scan, SCAN!

Albino Tarkaa DNA #8

Hint: “A tower top in magma seas – testament to a soldier’s folly.”

Head back to Picket’s Folly, close to the area you explored when you initially got here, and once you reach the area with the Akrid spawning beast, turn around, hit the zip-line, and then do another 180 and find your target atop the tower.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #9

Hint: “She hides within the den of hunters – near a carriage to the sky.”

Shackleton’s Peak is your destination here. Back to where your journey to the (then unknown) Camp of Forgotten. When you dock your Rig and head to the shack, enter the cave with the Stalkers and dispose of them. Once they’re dealt with, grapple to the ledge on the left and look for a cave with your target.

Scan it and know that you’re one away from your newest achievement/trophy.

Albino Tarkaa DNA #10

Hint: “Stalkers lurk in a dead courtyard – look down upon trunks, crates and boxes.”

Your final and probably hardest to find Albino Tarkaa is once again in the Science Facility of Marshall’s Gorge. When you reach the storage room filled with decrepit crates and ruins, head up to the third level and for the broken bridge/platform in the middle of the room. It will scamper back and forth, offering little in body visibility to get a quick clean shot, so be patient. After your long scan, rejoice, you’ve completed the hunt and can head back to Camp of Forgotten for upgrades and the ‘Master Huntsman’ achievement/trophy. Good hunting, hunters!

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