Listen to the first song from the No Mans Sky soundtrack

Initially unveiled in 2013, No Man’s Sky (opens in new tab) has gone from impossible dream game about a virtually infinite universe to a very real and impending release. It feels like a tangible thing, and while a demo is probably not in the cards, you can still get a preview of Hello Games’ take on space exploration by listening to the first track from the official soundtrack.

Since No Man’s Sky is procedurally generated and not broken up by levels, the music will likewise change depending on what players do. Because of its freeform nature, the soundtrack will feature 10 original tracks and six “soundscapes” created by 65daysofstatic. The latter are compositions inspired by what No Man’s Sky could create, depending on what was happening.

The No Man’s Sky soundtrack will be available June 17, just a few days ahead of the game’s release on June 21.

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