Theres a reference to George RR Martins FromSoftware game in Sekiro: heres what it could mean

Great Rune, for those of you who might need a refresher due to the fact that we’ve got a frickin’ Death Stranding trailer (opens in new tab) and a Death Stranding release date (opens in new tab) yesterday, is the rumoured George RR Martin / FromSoftware game (opens in new tab) that could be on the horizon. Coming from the creators of Soulsborne games like Sekiro (opens in new tab), so far we know that it’s partly open-world, set in the medieval Norse world, and is apparently being visualised by Hidetaka Miyazaki already. Speaking of Sekiro, actually, Modder TKGP (opens in new tab) has found a reference to Great Rune (or ‘GR’, the codename for the game) hidden in the game’s files. 

Apparently there was a sneaky little reference to Great Rune sitting here in the Sekiro material configs all along. 29, 2019

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But what could it mean? Not only does it seemingly confirm that Great Rune is in early development, and that – as Redditor Katalash theorised (opens in new tab) – it’s being built on FromSoftware’s internal engine rather than Unreal Engine 4. Other Redditors are on the same page, with one citing the fact that Miyazaki was already thinking about making Bloodborne (opens in new tab) when he was making the DLC for the first Dark Souls. Hints have been planted in his games before too, as there was a hidden Sekiro reference in Bloodborne (opens in new tab) in the form of a distinctly shinobi-looking character, so having more Great Rune clues secreted in Sekiro is more than likely. 

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