Kevin Smith confirms plans for a Mallrats sequel

Last week Kevin Smith caused a stir by appearing to suggest he was planning a return to his View Askewniverse with a long-awaited sequel to Mallrats.

Now it seems that Smith’s plans have become more concrete, with the director discussing the reaction to his tease during an interview with Rock 102 KFMA (opens in new tab).

“It was crazy,” said Smith of the response to the notion of a Mallrats sequel. “People reacted to that and I saw people be like, ‘Oh. Really?’ But there were a lot of people who were like ‘Holy crap, this is cool!’”

“So now, once again, there are people to disappoint, and I’m sure I will disappoint them, but right now it’s that wonderful period of like, ‘This could be excellent!’ Probably won’t be, but…”

With Clerks 3 also on the horizon, we probably won’t see this one come to fruition for some time yet, but it certainly sounds as though Smith is keen to catch up with Brodie and TS at some point in the future…

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