Keith Lemon: The Film review

Leigh Francis, one of the shrewdest comics of the noughties (man with big chin pisses pants = career), has made the perilous walk from terrestrial TV to cinema.

It’s a move that crushes him just like it crushed Dad’s Army , Steptoe , On The Buses and many better British comedies, and makes you realise just what a fluke The Inbetweeners Movie was.

Opening with Francis eating mash in his pants and farting, and then telling knob jokes to Mel C, it’s one giant car crash, with his nitwit character Keith shot to fame after a break on the alarmingly plausible Hoff Hour Show .

The slimy blonde quizmaster moves from rags to riches and Laura Aikman to Kelly Brook, who here seems determined to bury her career like it’s someone she’s just run over.

The sight of her deep-throating a sausage while Vernon Kay watches lustily is just one of The Film ’s classier moments, the rest of which is built around D-list cameos like a future Brass Eye holding pen.

Even the Mr Skin moments are unwatchable, and the funniest moment in the whole thing comes from a bus sign (“T’LEEDS”). Six letters and an apostrophe. Save yourself the ticket.

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