Just Cause is getting a mobile version with 30-person multiplayer

The Just Cause series is getting a mobile version. Announced last night during The Game Awards,  Just Cause: Mobile is due out sometime next year.

The announcement trailer focuses pretty heavily on the bombastic gunplay and aerial manoeuvring of the series’ mainline games. The explosive video sees characters grappling onto moving helicopters and using their wingsuits to dodge gunfire in mid-air, or riding on top of cars (and cruise missiles) to take on a bespectacled foe.

Gameplay appears to grant access to the grapple hook and base-jumping parachute that are central to the series, but is a decidedly more isometric affair than Avalanche’s traditional third-person action adventures. In another notable departure, you’ll also be able to cause chaos alongside other players – as well as a single-player experience, the campaign offers four-player co-op and 30-person competitive multiplayer. It also looks as though you won’t be playing as series frontman Rico Rodriguez, as an FAQ on the game’s website says that players will build their own characters.

Elsewhere in the FAQ, Square Enix confirms that the game isn’t being worked on by mainline developer Avalanche, but another internal studio. They also assure players that while they have no word on a fifth mainline Just Cause game, there are no plans to make the series mobile-only going forward.

It’s been two years since Just Cause 4 released, and Avalanche followed Rico’s latest adventure up with Rage 2 and Generation Zero. For now, it seems that those hoping for Just Cause 5 might have to rely on the mobile adaptation.

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