Microsoft holiday commercial features a gaggle of gaming dogs

This year’s Microsoft holiday commercial features a dog dreaming about meeting his dog friends in Xbox Series X games and I’m not crying, you are. Check out the commercial above, and read on for more.

The commercial begins with an adorable dog named Rufus, who is trying to get the attention of his human family members. Unfortunately, they’re all gaming or otherwise online, with one playing Minecraft, another playing Microsoft Flight Simulator, and yet another playing Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X (hold on a second…how?). Let this be a lesson to all of us – give your dogs ample attention during quarantine or else they’ll be sad and that concept is heartbreaking.

Rufus even longingly looks out the window at his doggy neighbor, who is likely not seeing him because of social distancing rules. This is sad as hell! Don’t worry, though, as Rufus meets up with his dog friends in his dreams, where they frolic through a dog-themed Minecraft level, fly planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and fetch a grenade for Master Chief in Halo Infinite. They even have a doggy zoom happy hour in Microsoft Teams! 

Holiday commercials always tug on the heartstrings, but when there’s a lonely dog involved, you’ve got my attention. Aside from Rufus’ plight, it’s interesting to see Microsoft advertising Halo Infinite on the Xbox Series X for a holiday commercial, considering we won’t be getting the title until 2021. Well, a dog (and a gamer) can dream. 

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