Journey follow-up Sky: Children of the Light is now available on Switch

The Sky: Children of the Light Switch version is out now, bringing thatgamecompany’s followup to Journey to a console for the first time.

Aside from being able to play with dedicated controls rather than a touchscreen, the Switch version of Sky functions identically to its iOS and Android counterparts: full crossplay support means you can even meet up with mobile players, and you can keep all of your progress with you on one account as well (just make sure you link your Sky account to your Nintendo account before you start playing if you already have one, or else you won’t be able to transfer the progress you make on Switch).

Sky was made from the ground up to be a welcoming experience for new players, but any live service game that has been online for a few years will tend to accumulate a knowledge base you can’t just learn from a tutorial. With that in mind, thatgamecompany is also working on a new Guide feature (opens in new tab) which will make it easier for experienced players to guide newer players to Spirit quests they might have otherwise missed; guiding Spirits to their respective temples is how you earn new expressions and items in-game, so you’ll want to complete as many of them as you can.

Speaking of journeys, Sky will feel familiar if you played Journey proper. It takes a similar approach to quietly dropping other players into your session, allowing you to communicate through chirps and an improvised vocabulary of movements, and even letting you slide around the environment like a cool sand surfer. Sky builds more of an overt narrative as well as some of the standard free-to-play mobile stuff like daily quests and unlockable cosmetics, but ultimately still achieves a similar “chill out, have fun with randos, and occasionally do a thing” vibe.

Also, make sure you check out the in-game menu to swap between high-performance mode, which targets 60 frames per second, and high def mode, which targets better visual fidelity at 30 frames per second. Also also, make sure you hold down L and move the left stick to put your character into what I have personally dubbed Ministry of Silly Walks mode at least once.

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