Jim Lee would like to do an “awesome” Wonder Woman run someday, adding “new elements to her mythology”

For the past 15 years, Jim Lee has been DC’s de facto flagship artist – but there are still several major DC characters he would “love” to draw for an arc or two – especially Wonder Woman.

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“I think there’s a couple of runs I would love to hypothetically do. First, Wonder Woman,” Lee said in a video Q&A session aired as part of the second DC FanDome on September 12. “I’ve done two runs on Superman, two on Batman, but I’ve never done a run on Wonder Woman.”

Lee has, of course, drawn Wonder Woman on several occasions – his run on Justice League, as well as numerous covers, and even revamping the character with Stan Lee for the late writer’s Just Imagine… series. But what the artist is talking about today is a full-on run with the character.

“I have a real fondness for the character,” the artist said. “I love what John Byrne did on the character, and of course George Perez showed me how cool this mythology could be in today’s world. His run on Wonder Woman in the ’80s really set the bar.”

(Image credit: Jim Lee/Scott Williams/Alex Sinclair (DC))

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“I’d have to partner up with a really awesome writer, and I would love to add new elements to her mythology,” Lee continued. “I think her rogue’s gallery could use some expansion. I would love to lean more into Amazon history and technology; there’s a lot of cool stuff we could do.”

While Wonder Woman is the first DC concept that came to mind for Lee, it’s not the only one. 

“Other concepts I’d love to do is Earth-2’s Justice Society of America, and the Legion of Superheroes,” Lee said. 

“I love the idea of teenage characters from the future; that’s super-relevant to today. I love all the powers, and how there’s so many of them that you’ll never get bored drawing them.”

(Image credit: Jim Lee/Scott Williams/Alex Sinclair (DC))

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If Lee were to do one of these, he envisions a tight run similar to Batman’s ‘Hush.’

“There’s other projects, but it would be awesome to do 12 issues – or even just six of any of these characters. It’s really about finding the time and finding an awesome collaborator. Never say never.”

Back in February, Lee told Newsarama that he was working on several “top secret” projects, with “open-ended deadlines”.

Lee has added to the mythos of many of DC’s characters, as well as creating others whole-cloth. Check out our list of the best Jim Lee creations of all time.

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