How to unlock the Gofannon Forge in Destiny 2 Black Armory

Whether you’re chasing the Blacksmith title or you just want to beef up your Black Armory arsenal, you’re going to want to know how to unlock the Gofannon Forge in Destiny 2. This is the second Forge available to you, and it comes with some primo weapon frames. It’s unlocked through a fairly self-explanatory quest, but a few tips will speed the process up – and it’s worth mastering this quest because you have to do it on all your characters – so here’s a quick overview of how to unlock the Gofannon Forge. 

First things first: start the quest by killing Fallen anywhere in the game. Before long, you’ll receive some Stolen Black Armory gear from one. Take this to Ada-1 in the Tower and she’ll tell you to collect 35 more samples of the Tainted Black Armory Gear by killing Fallen with precision headshots. You can do this anywhere, but I recommend getting kills in the Tangled Shore, because you’ll need to head there for the next step.

Once you have all your Tainted Gear, talk to Spider. He’ll tell you to clear the Heroic Tangled Shore Crypod Public Event and get 75 Fallen melee kills. This event can spawn right outside Spider’s lair and in the north part of the Tangled Shore, so keep an eye on your minimap. Once you’ve finished that, talk to Spider again and head to the EDZ for a new mission.

The mission starts in the Winding Cove and basically takes you on a sightseeing tour of Lost Sectors. There’s a Black Armory miniboss in each one, so just keep moving and shooting. Once you clear the mission, it’s time to head to Nessus for more Fallen kills – only this time, we’re looking for one very specific Fallen: a high-value Fallen Captain. You can find one in Exodus Black near the rock formation West of Failsafe. Wait for him to spawn, kill him, claim his drop, and then head North of the Well of Flame on Nessus for another mission. 

Finally, track down the Forge by following the in-game prompts, talk to Ada-1, claim your weapon frame, and get grinding. 

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