How to pet the dog (and other Pets) in Fortnite

It’s no Fortnite (opens in new tab) revert, but a feature that the community has been requesting for some time now is the ability to pet your dog, cat, hamster, or any of the other Fortnite pets (opens in new tab) you can strap to your back. If you’ve taken a look through the v8.40 Fortnite patch notes (opens in new tab) then one particular entry may have stood out for you, as it did for us – “You can now pet the dog… and other Pets!”

Paying attention to virtual dogs is actually a pretty serious business, and there’s even a heckin’ Twitter account that lets you know if can you pet dogs in video games (opens in new tab), so naturally this is something we wanted to know more about and went investigating in game.

You can check out how to pet your Pet in our video below:

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So, when it comes to petting the dog in Fortnite, we have good news and bad. Sadly, it appears that you can’t pet your own dog, only that of your teammates – or other random players while you’re in the lobby. In order to provide scratches behind the ears to a little backpack pal, go up behind the player carrying them in the lobby or in a game and you’ll see a prompt appear. Simply press the appropriate button (Square/X) and you’ll interact with the Pet and receive a cute reaction – each Pet has a different animation and sound for being petted, so get scritching and show them who’s a good boy!

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