How to beat Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon in Dark Souls 2

Immediately after Elana comes Sinh, the dragon presiding over this sunken kingdom. This slumbering dragon guards the crown you seek, and he’s ready for an epic battle upon his awakening.

Like the room before Elana, the bonfire just before this fight has two summon signs. Sinh doesn’t pull any dirty tricks like the queen, but bringing in others means you can concentrate on heavy damage while he’s distracted.

In general, you want to stay toward Sinh’s hind legs. This keeps you out of the way of his constant swipes and fire breath–just watch out for his swinging tail and occasional stomps. If you find yourself at a distance, expect a charging attack. When this happens, run to either side to avoid being hit.

When Sinh takes to the sky, run directly underneath him–whether he spits a fireball or sprays a huge wall of flame, it always comes at an angle away from him. After an attack, clear out before he slams into the ground below. He may also glide across the arena, spraying a path of flame. Keep out of his flight path to avoid damage.

Sinh has a lot of health, so prepare for a long fight. Bringing in summons means whittling down his health together, but pay attention to his movements to avoid his high-damage attacks. Keep an eye out for this ground and aerial manoeuvres, and you’ll be able to take him down.

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