Hitman 3 offers players access to Sapienza free for a limited time

The classic Hitman map Sapienza is currently free to play for all inside of Hitman 3.

You will be able to play the map from today for no extra charge. The great news is you don’t even have to own Hitman 3. The map is also available in the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack which gives you a small sample of the broader experience. However, this offer also extends to Hitman 3 owners who just don’t own the Hitman (2016) content in the game. 

 You can play the map in its entirety all the way until July 4th, giving you just over a week to mess around with murder in the Mediterranean. 

And murder there shall be too. On July 2 (to July 14th), The Twins Elusive Targets will be killable in the Sapienza map, giving you two days to have your chance at the targets free of charge. The Elusive Target is fairly unique and interesting as Agent 47 has been hired by one of the twins to kill the other. However, which one is which won’t be marked, so players will have to learn and deduce who the actual target is. 

Sapienza is one of the best maps in the modern Hitman trilogy, with some considering the best. It’s a dense little seaside village, but it is packed with dark secrets and means for murders. From canons to exploding gold balls to secret labs to expired spaghetti sauce, the options available to Agent 47 on the map are some of the broadest out there. While it may only be one level, you will certainly be able to get lost and find new things for hours and hours. 

While the original map landed in 2016 with Hitman, like all other maps in the World of Assassination trilogy, Sapienza has been updated to be compatible with Hitman 3. This updates the graphics and adds a lot of quality of life fixes, and has these maps running on next-gen consoles. Even if you’ve played Sapienza before, it’s entirely worth checking it out again, and now you can, for free.

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