Haunt is now free on Xbox Live until July 2

Microsoft is making the actually-not-that-bad Kinect game Haunt available forfree (opens in new tab)for the next week in an effort to promote the use of Xbox Live’s Kinect Central app.

The game will only be free if you use the Kinect Central app to download the game. Though far from a critical success, the 800MSP Kinect game maintains a Metacritic average of 70. It’s not great, but it’s quite a bit better than the beating (opens in new tab) our reviewer doled out to the latest Kinect game: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

Haunt is something like a family horror (read: not horror) adventure game with players exploring a haunted mansion by walking about, picking up objects etc. You may not have heard of it many times before, but it was created by PaRappa the Rapper dev NanaOn-Sha and Zoë Mode (Singstar).

So maybe it’s not Child of Eden, but a free game is a free game. Haunt will be available free of charge through July 2nd.

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