Star Wars: Underworld Is Working Title For Live-Action TV Show

But still no news on when we might see it

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Star Wars producer Rick McCallum has told IGN that the long-in-gestation live-action Star Wars TV show has the working title Star Wars: Underworld , though there is still no news of when it will go into production.

The production is currently on hold, still awaiting FX costs to drop to a point where the show can be made profitably, though McCallum is hopeful that this won’t be too far off.

As for the meaning of the title, he says, “It’s underneath what’s going on… It’s the criminals and the gangs. The guys who are running Wall Street, basically. The guys who are running the United States.”

Though the series may not air for years (if ever), the scripts have already been written. McCallum reckons, though, that there’s no risk of them becoming dated.

“They’re timeless. They take place between Episode III and Episode IV . That 20-year period when Luke is growing up. It’s not about Luke, but it’s about that period when the Empire is trying to take things over.”

So, do you think we’ll ever get to see it? Does the concept grab you?

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