Halo TV Show photos possibly leak ahead of Microsofts E3 Showcase

The long-anticipated Halo TV show might finally be ready to reappear as shots from a trailer may have leaked online. 

A possible leak posted on Resetera (opens in new tab) says that a full trailer is currently uploaded to YouTube which is currently private. They claim to somehow have gotten access to the trailer and have posted several convincing screenshots too. 

Chief amongst them (pun intended) is John-117, or the Master Chief himself. The user shared two images of the iconic character who is set to be played by Pablo Schreiber. Elsewhere an interesting take on what looks to be a High Prophet is seen, as well as a couple of Warthogs. It wouldn’t be Halo without a couple of Warthogs.

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that until we see this supposed trailer, we should take this all with a little skepticism. There have been impressive fan films in the Halo universe before, and this could be someone trying to pull a fast one. 

That being said, if it is, it looks remarkably good. Tie that with the fact that this is seemingly leaking mere days before the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase and this is convincing. The conference is going live on Sunday, June 13 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM BST, and if you want to know how you can watch it, check out our E3 2021 schedule

As for when the Halo TV show will launch, it is currently set to debut on Paramount Plus in early 2022. That would make this the last E3 the show could be shown off, adding to the legitimacy of this potential leak. 

Not too much is known about its plot, but it has been established it will be a new story from Master Chief that will try to adhere to the current canon of the universe. Here’s hoping this all comes to pass because Halo fans everywhere have been waiting for this for almost a decade. 

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