GTA Online teams up with Prime Gaming to give out GTA$1 million to players

Prime Gaming is giving out up to $1 million in GTA Online dollars in celebration of the new heist and tropical island location.

After you claim your reward (opens in new tab), the in-game cash will be paid out $200,000 at a time for logging in each week; log in four weeks in a row and you’ll receive a bonus $200,000 payout, adding up to $1 million in total. You’ll also get a free Sonar Station upgrade for the Kosatka Submarine immediately upon claiming the offer, and you should expect to see the rewards filter through to your game within roughly 72 hours of activating them.

If you’re more of the cowboy type, you can link your accounts to get an instant payout of RDO$1,000 in Red Dead Online as well as a free ability card upgrade. Activating one offer instantly entitles your account for the other.

To claim the rewards, you’ll need to link your Amazon account with an active Prime subscription to your Rockstar Social Club account. Mind that you’ll need to do this over again if you previously linked a Twitch account to Social Club before Amazon transitioned its games focus over to Prime Gaming – they’re separate accounts.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, make sure you check out our guide on how to start playing the GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist. On top of being the newest and biggest heist for the game, it also adds a whole new part of the world to explore, which is a first in GTA Online’s more than seven-year history.

Rockstar Games has pledged to give more content to GTA Online solo players in future updates.

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