Grimm 2.18 “Volcanalis” REVIEW

Grimm 2.18 “Volcanalis” TV REVIEW

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Episode 2.18
Writer: Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt
Director: David Grossman

THE ONE WHERE Hank goes on holiday leaving Nick, Monroe and Renard to team up to investigate a Wesen who targets people who steal volcanic rock. Meanwhile, Juliette is being driven slowly demented by multiple Nick hallucinations and Adalind ends up having a rather traumatic pregnancy check up.

VERDICT Hank is literally wheeled out on an enforced holiday to cover a leg injury that has seen Russell Hornsby written out while he heals, which makes for another chance for us to see Nick and Renard working together. There are some lovely moments.

Ignoring the fact that Renard has been into the Exposition Trailer himself before and thus should know that Nick has a lot of books kicking about the place, Nick’s meaningful glance to Monroe and response to Renard’s question about whether he has many lore books (“A few…”) is a nice touch. Also, Renard enlisting Monroe’s help (“You in?” “To save Portland? Hell yeah!”) to freeze the magma monster is a great Monroe moment (Monroement?).

The CGI of the Volcanalis was ropey in places, but can be forgiven for the chilling moment at the end where his eyes kept moving despite him being – literally – in pieces.

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Meanwhile, Adalind pricing up the value of the royal heir she’s carrying guarantees that no mum-of-the-year prizes are heading her way, although the discussion about her aborting the baby if she doesn’t get want she wants shows our scheming Hexenbiest in typically feisty form. Good to see a female heir is more valuable than the male too.

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As someone who has spent weeks bemoaning amnesiac Juliette, finally I have to admit to feeling pangs of sympathy for her this week. The flashbacks were a rare glimpse of a character who wasn’t irritating or daft for a change. Ironically, of course, now she’s starting to think fondly of Nick again, he might be ready to move on. We can but hope: one week of not being incredibly irritating doesn’t make up for most of the rest of the season in my book.

Not quite as good as last week’s brilliant “One Angry Fuchsbau”, but solid nonetheless, “Volcanalis” is the latest in a few weeks of rollicking entertainment and make news of Grimm ‘s third season confirmation even more pleasing. Great stuff.

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BEST BIT Bud and Monroe trying to cheer up post-break-up Nick by watching a football match, complete with Monroe’s supportive “We’ve all been dumped,” line.

Nick: “But… he’s Wesen.”
Renard: “Who isn’t these days?”

Narin Bahar

Grimm season two airs in the UK on Watch on Monday nights at 9pm

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