GR Community Challenge: Play Eden Eternal and reach level 10 for a chance to win an Alienware laptop and many other amazing prizes

Not to be confused with Eternal Eden, Eden Eternal marks the third title from developer X-Legend Entertainment to be published by Aeria Games. We recently got a chance to play an early build of the upcoming MMO and have a ton of closed beta keys to share. But this isn’t our usual preview-slash-beta-key-giveaway combo.

Today, we have a special challenge for the GamesRadar community. Find out more about Eden Eternal, enter the closed beta with one of our keys, and reach level 10. Meet this challenge, and you’ll be qualified for a chance to win anAlienware M17x Laptop (opens in new tab)and many other fabulous prizes.

Eden Eternal sports a fairly generic set of background lore, which begins with the world’s various races embarking on a pilgrimage to the center of the world to build a utopia. As expected, the happy times don’t last long; conflict and war consume the land and a mysterious and mystical group of heroes known as Eternal Guardians enter the picture to bring calm to the world.

But that’s okay. Because even though Eternal Eden may not have the most unique or compelling premise, it certainly has enough cool elements up its sleeve to make it worthwhile to anyone looking for a new F2P MMO to invest some time in.

Above: The bard rocks his weapon of choice. If your character is level 50 with a Bard class of level 45, you’ll be able to access the Blade Dancer class

Even though Eden Eternal isn’t the only MMO to make use of a similar character system, this one stands out to us for several reasons. First off, for completionists and level-up lovers, the system sounds great for players who want every class and hybrid class at their disposal. Also, having access to so many different types of classes promises to make finding groups for dungeons and tougher quests much easier, as any higher-level character should have access to a tanking or healing class. So, if you’ve ever spent over an hour looking for a tank or healer to join your group to run a dungeon, Eden Eternal’s class system could be a god send.

Above: The alpaca mount is Eden Eternal’s answer to the chocobo. Stand still and hit the space bar to make it do a little dance

Those who invest the time to join a guild in Eternal Eden will also be rewarded with customizable towns. Think of them as guild halls, only way bigger. At the center of town sits a giant relic, which will bestow buffs on guild members. When it comes to customizing your town, there are also various shops and crafting-related structures to choose from. However, the amount of structures that can placed are limited. It’s a way to encourage guilds to specialize in certain areas of production, so that no single group of players can dominate and control every player-made item and resource in the game’s economy.

Head to the next page to get your Eden Eternal closed beta key and find out about the prizes Aeria Games is raffling off forthose who reache level 10 in the closed beta.

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