Google Earth’s free game lets you track down Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego is up to her thieving tricks again, but this time she’s taken to running about on Google Earth and it’s your job to track her down in the free browser game, Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego? The free game is a delightful throwback to the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? educational game that came out back in 1985, with all the pixelated charm to go with it. 

When you open up Google Earth in your browser, you’ll notice a little red silhouette of the master thief in the bottom right corner. Once you click on it, you’ll find yourself embroiled in the ‘crowned jeweled caper’, where you’ll have to use your sleuthing skills to track down Carmen as she tries to escape across the globe with her loot. 

The game ends with the promise of more adventures to come in future, which isn’t so surprising given the recent reboot series on Netflix that sees the globe-hopping super thief make a comeback. Carmen’s voiced by Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez in the series which is said to be returning for a second season. It’s a pretty great way of using Google Earth. We have to give it an enthusiastic fedora hat tip. 

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