Get Modern Warfare 3s Content Collection 1 in a week, see the trailer now

Infinity Ward’s dated the Xbox 360 version of the first Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection with this new trailer. Come March 20 – which, gosh, is just over a week away – MW3 fans who’ve held off on subscribing to Activision’s Call of Duty Elite service will be able to buy and download four new maps and two new Spec Ops missions, all in one go. PS3 and PC players can expect the Collection soon after.

As you’ll have surmised if you’ve been keeping track of content as it’s released to CoD Elite members, the Collection comprises all the content released thus far: the Piazza and Liberation maps released in the first pack, the more recent Overwatch, and the new Black Box, Black Ice and Negotiator. The latter two are Spec Ops missions for solo or co-op play; all the others are for going online, finding a snug sniping spot, racking up your kills, and not giving up our names when asked where you learned to play so damn cheap.

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