Gears of War 3 COG Tags and Campaign Collectibles Guide

The saga of Delta Squad’s continuing battle against the Locust Horde is unfortunately reaching its finale. Before it reaches its conclusion however, you’ll want to squeeze every juicy bit of information out of the campaign that you can. To do this, you’ll need to find the 42 different collectible items scattered throughout the campaign that will give you a little back story and a deeper peek into the Gears universe.

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Most of the items are the usual one would expect to come across such as pamphlets and books, but some of the craftier and better hidden items offer up more interesting information for the trouble of finding them. Along with the 42 different collectible items, the campaign also has the customary fallen COG Tags hidden throughout the game as well. This time around there are only 15 of the tags to be found, but that doesn’t make them any less easy to find.

Since we want you to get everything you can out of your Gears of War 3 experience, we have uncovered the location for each and every collectible as well as each and every COG Tag in the game. Below they are listed by Act and Chapter and we have also included video to make things easier if you happened to have missed one along the way. With that said, strap on your enormous boots, rev up your Lancer, and let’s go!

Cog Tag #1

As soon as the game starts and you step out of your cell, make a quick turn to the right and kick open the cell door that is located beside yours. Enter the cell and look on the ground to find your first cog tag there.

Collectible #1 – Twenty Dollar Bill

As soon as the title card fades and Marcus hops out of bed, turn to the table beside you to grab the twenty dollar bill there. It’s right out in the open and very easy to spot.

Collectible #2 – Dom’s Psyche Report

After you leave your bunk, you’ll enter a hallway and a woman will ask if you are looking for Dom. Follow her into the sick bay and on the far end, there will be a table with Dom’s Psyche Report sitting on top of it.

Collectible #3 – Requisition Form

After you get Dom from his room, continue down the hallway and make a left before the stairs to enter Baird’s room. Inside the room to the right, you will see Jack on the table as well as the Requisition Form.

Cog Tag #2

Once you reach the deck of the Sovereign, you will have a small battle with the lambent and then need to raise the lift. Once you do, a cutscene will play and another battle will start. After the second battle is over, head to the left side of the area to find the container with the Blood Omen on it. Make your way around the left side of it and look up to the catwalk above and you’ll see a cog tag hanging from a corpse. Give it a shot and it will fall to the ground for easy pickings.

Collectible #4 – Silverback Manual

When you head back to the deck of the ship and are headed for Maintenance, you’ll flip the switch to enter the bay holding the Silverbacks. Look to the left and on the counter there will be the next collectible, the Silverback Manual. But seriously, who reads manuals anyways.

Collectible #5 – Journal

You can find Kevin Mahoney’s personal journal near the start of the arrival at Cole’s home town. When the crew lands and starts the search for survivors, you will make a right to head up a street. On the left side of the road, there will be a white sign that says “The Best Breakfast in Town” with an iron gate beside it.Kick open the gate and inside will be the journal on the ground.

Collectible #6 – Child’s Diary

When you reach the park and the Lambent Stalks appear, clear out the area of glowies and then head for the slide. Take a ride down it if you like, but once you’ve had your fun, look inside the canopy at the top of the slide to find a Child’s Diary collectible.

Collectible #7 – Grocery List

When you enter the grocery store, a stalk will eventually pop through the ground at the far end. On your way over to it, on the right side will be some checkout counters. This Grocery List can be found on the checkout counter numbered One.

Cog Tag #3

Near the end of the grocery store you will come across a loader. Once you have reached it, head down the right side and you will come across a small office. Look on the desk at the far side to find the cog tag sitting on top of it.

Cog Tag #4

Just before you head to the stadium, you will head through a metal gate that slides open to exit the camp. When you pass through the gate, make a left and follow the stairs down to the dock. At the far end you will find a corpse and another set of Cog tags.

Collectible #8 – Clipping, Times-Tribune

When following the camp leader through the warehouse to get your reward, you will go through some green doors. Once you do, make a right and head for the back corner, behind the metal containers. On the ground there you will find the newspaper.

Collectible #9 – Cougars Season Program

When you enter the stadium, you will be given the choice of taking the upper or lower path. If you decide on the upper path, you can find this item at the end of the first hall while making a right. It will be on the ground behind a counter.

Collectible #10 – Cougars Player Handbook

Want to know the ins and outs of Thrashball? This collectible will give you the goods on it. You can find the handbook on the lower level of the stadium after the first battle. Head past the stairs towards the door to the “boss lady” but make a right before the fence to find the book on the ground in front of a soda machine.

Collectible #11 – Coles Championship Ring

Once the stalk on the field has been blown sky high, make your way to the stairs where everyone is waiting. Before proceeding up them however, turn around and head for a small shack with a sign above it that reads “UXO” and there will be a dead woman on the ground in front of it. Beside her will be a small container for you to pick up.

Collectible #12 – Tollbooth Tokens

When you reach the bridge and face off against the turrets, head forward when all is clear and go towards the turret structure that was directly ahead of you in the center. Go to the right of its little bunker and right beside the stairs leading into it, on the ground you will find a sack of coins

Collectible #13 – Bayonet

Once you pass the toll booth turrets and the Boomers open up the gate, head through and stick to the right side of the street. There will be a large open metal container that has a wooden crate inside it. Shoot the crate and grab the bayonet on the ground on the other side.

Cog Tag #5

When you get past the turret toll booth on the bridge, you will enter an enclosed battle with some locusts. Head for the left side and take the ladder down to the lower level. Follow the walkway to the middle and on the ground there will be the next Cog tag.

Collectible #14 – Sight Seeing Guide

When you reach the top of the bridge after taking out the mortar crew, you will come outside on a metal catwalk. Make a right around the corner and you will find this guide lying on the ground beside a broken staircase.

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