Game & Wario minigames explore deception, thievery, addiction

Game & Wario is about deceiving your friends and hiding harmful habits from your mother. At least, the parts that Nintendo decided to show off in today’s Direct presentation certainly were, and the big N has since released a four-minute video showing off the game’s single-pad multiplayer mode where subterfuge and fruit collide.

Can you find Nintendo president Satoru Iwata in Game & Wario’s Fruits? Can you find it in your heart to help Wario’s retro-game obsessed friend 9-Volt hide his crippling addiction from his terrifying mother in Game & Wario’s Gamer–in which you play WarioWare-style microgames on the GamePad, but have to check the television to make sure your mom doesn’t see you up past your bedtime?

These are questions we never expected to ask ourselves. Who knows what other dark corners of our egos will be charted when the rest of the 16 minigames are revealed.

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