Game music of the day: Crazy Bus

Game: Crazy Bus

Song: Crazy Bus main theme

Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

Above: Crazy Bus main theme

Initially intended as a direct follow up to Earthbound, but later released in 2004 as an independent Sega Genesis / Master Drive homebrew game, Crazy Bus has earned a place in gaming history for one reason: its stirring theme music. Composed by Nobuo Uematsu under his pseudonym “Tom Scripts”, the Crazy Bus theme stands proudly alongside his greatest Final Fantasy works. Conducted by Uematsu and performed by the London Philharmonic, the Crazy Bus theme uses a subtle vocal choir and brass section to add punch to an otherwise melodic string piece. Notice the way the bassoons add a driving rhythm to the composition around 2:32.

Above: Close enough

Uematsu composed this piece during his self-imposed exile to South America in 2002. Disgusted with FFVII fans and their irrational obsession with Cloud Strife, he focused his rage into creating the Crazy Bus theme and participating in near constant 24 hour marathon Halo sessions. The theme is an angry, but controlled, statement against the millions of terrible deviantART accounts and fan faction inspired by Cloud Strife and Final Fantasy VII in general. Emotionally and physically exhausted after the completion of the song, Uematsu traveled to Lake Titicaca, where he curently runs an emu farm.

While the theme lives on, Crazy Bus the game is unfortunately remembered for the myriad controversies surrounding its release. Who can forget the initial rumors of a Morgan Freeman voiced narration, or the controversy surrounding the Venezuelan publisher’s ties to organized crime cartel La Cosa Gizmondo? Despite its small budget, and derivative 3rd person / RTS / Puzzle / Flight Simulation gameplay, the Crazy Bus legacy lives on through the bold musical works of Nobu- I mean “Tom Scripts”.

April 1, 2011

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Title Screen by David Wise

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Kickin’ drum and bass tunes from the N64 days

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Gate Area by Jonathan Dunn

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