Fortnite Gold Bars – how to collect Fortnite Gold Bars and spend them

Fortnite Gold Bars will likely be in your sights as you’ll need to collect bars and spend bars for one of the Fortnite Week 6 quests. Gold bars can be obtained from a range of sources, from bounties to player eliminations, and loot drops from chests – so finding them should just be a case of putting the footwork in. When it comes to spending gold bars in Fortnite you’ll want to say hi to the various Fortnite characters you can find around the map. As well as a selection of quests, these NPCs will also have a a range of goods and services you can buy with the Fortnite gold bars you’ve earned. So, you want to collect and spend Fortnite gold bars like there’s no tomorrow, then read on for everything we have on finding and using them.

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How to get Fortnite Gold Bars

Fortnite Gold Bars

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There are a few different ways to get Fortnite gold bars, with the main one being completing quests for characters or Fortnite bounties from the boards found around the island. We have a more thorough guide covering the characters separately, but if you just want to meet one quickly then look out for a speech bubble on your map when you get close. Follow the Talk prompt when you meet a character and you can scroll through the quests and bounties they have available, along with the reward in Fortnite bars for completing them. Select one, then meet the requirements within the time limit to add that gold to your balance.

Fortnite Gold Bars

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Another way you can get Fortnite gold bars is by eliminating opponents, who will drop them once they’ve been defeated, so make sure you follow up and collect them before someone else does. You can also find Fortnite bars in chests, or in Fortnite safes hidden within buildings, so have a good look around the rooms as you explore them as there may be a lucrative surprise awaiting you.

How to use Fortnite Gold Bars

Fortnite Gold Bars

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Once you’ve got a supply of Fortnite gold bars, which you can see your tally of in the bottom right corner by your mats or by pulling up the map screen, you’ll want to spend them, and for that you need to visit one of those characters again. Interact with them and scroll through their spending options, which can include selling you a high level weapon, creating a rift, or hiring them as a recruit to follow you around and attack your enemies. They can also be spent at Fortnite weapon upgrade benches and Fortnite vending machines, in exchange for improving your gun or purchasing an item.

Handily, Fortnite bars carry over between matches, so don’t feel you have to rush out and spend as soon as you get hold of them. Bide your time and invest them wisely at the point in a match that will benefit you most, to help give you an edge towards achieving a Victory Royale.

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