Fortnite could be keeping its no-building mode for good

Fortnite’s no-building mode could become a permanent fixture, according to a dataminer.

Yesterday on March 23, reputable Fortnite dataminer Hypex claimed that the game has hidden no-building modes that developer Epic Games can enable at any time after the ongoing limited-time event ends. Additionally, the dataminer points to loading screens having been changed to read “in modes with building enabled,” pointing to the no-building mode sticking around.

Seems like Epic IS planning to keep a No-Building modes, here are some signs/proofs 🔥- There’s SEPARATE No-Building modes that they can enable ANYTIME after this limited time event ends- They changed most loading screen tips to say “In modes with building enabled …” 23, 2022

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This is some compelling evidence that Epic Games is secretly planning on keeping the no-building mode around as a fixture of Fortnite. Right now, since Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 launched earlier this week, building abilities for players have been entirely removed from the game, and so there’s no more building skyscrapers and walls to hide behind.

It’ll be interesting to see how many players stick with Fortnite’s no-building mode, if it does return after being cycled out of the game in the near future. It’s fair to say removing building entirely from the battle royale shooter at the beginning of this current season shook of Fortnite and its player base in a massive way, but giving players more ways to play a game is never a bad thing.

Check out our feature on why we reckon Fortnite has changed the entire complexion of its battles by removing building from the game. 

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