Forspoken load times are barely one second on PS5

Forspoken loads faster on PS5 than on PC, with load times that are barely a second long.

The PS5 is a powerful piece of hardware capable of loading some of today’s biggest and best titles at an impressively speedy rate. And, Forspoken, the upcoming action RPG from Luminous Productions, is no exception. In a video interview (opens in new tab), the studio’s technical director Teppei Ono discusses the latest technologies featured in the game as well as its lightning-fast load times on Sony’s console.

According to Ono, Forspoken will take barely one second to load on PS5, thanks to the console’s M.2 SSD. Meanwhile, load times on PC can be anywhere from 2 to 20 seconds, depending on your hardware.

“PS5 boasts incredibly fast load times due to the dedicated hardware,” Ono explains. “With a PC equipped with the M.2 SSD, players will be able to enjoy gameplay without having to worry about load times on both PS5 and PC.”

Both the PS5 and PC versions of Forspoken will benefit from FSR 2.0; as Ono explains, “FSR 2.0 is a technology that produces high-resolution upscaled outputs while reducing rendering load, delivering a smoother gaming experience.” There will also be different quality modes to choose from, including Quality and Native 4K modes.

Forspoken was originally set to launch this month, but Luminous Productions recently announced it’s delaying the game’s release by five months. It’s now due to launch on October 11, 2022.

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