Henry Cavill says Superman will not appear in Suicide Squad

With Batman already confirmed to make a brief appearance in Suicide Squad (he even pops up in the trailer (opens in new tab)), there have been rumours that Henry Cavill’s Superman might drop in for a cameo. However, those rumours can now be safely put to bed, with Cavill himself confirming he isn’t involved in the forthcoming film.

When asked the question by Metro (opens in new tab), the actor responded with an unequivocal “no”. Which probably makes sense, seeing that the film is set in Gotham and is populated by villains from the Batman canon. So while it seems appropriate that the Dark Knight should stop by, his Kryptonian counterpart might be a little more incongruous.

Not that that’s to say he might not appear further down the track… Metro went on to ask whether Cavill would appear in a Suicide Squad sequel, and the star replied, “I might be!” So there you go… we might yet see the Man Of Steel taking on the Joker and chums…

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