Final Fantasy V now available on PSN

Back the day when we were thankful to play whatever Japanese RPGs we were given, we looked wistfully at all the huge titles that never came to the US, including Final Fantasy V. English-speaking players couldn’t officially familiarize themselves with the game until it was released on the PlayStation, but by then it looked fairly dated compared to games like Final Fantasy VIII and Parasite Eve. Few bothered to play it, which is a real shame, and it’s a mistake you can now rectify should you download the game off PSN starting today.

Above: The main reason why this one ruled

Though it’s graphics aren’t as good as FFVI, and the story is one of the weaker ones in Final Fantasy history, it has one edge to it: The jobs system. Later strategy games like Final Fantasy Tactics improved on the job and class system, the need to constantly improve your stats and skills will drive you through the game more than anything else. Though the PlayStation version didn’t have the best localization, you’ll find the job system so addictive you won’t care most of the time. You can pick it up for $9.99 on PSN right now.

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