Warren Beatty to make Dick Tracy sequel

Warren Beatty has said he will make a sequel to his (undeniably awesome, TF favourite) 1990 film Dick Tracy .

Beatty was speaking at the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival in a Q+A when he announced the news.

Beatty recently won a protracted 21-year lawsuit with Tribune, who were trying to claim the rights.

During the Q+A Beatty didn’t give too much away, saying, “I think it’s dumb to talk about movies before you make them. I just don’t do it.

“It gives you a perfect excuse to avoid making them. The more you talk about it, the longer it’s hidden.”

When asked whether he’d begun writing the film, he said: “You’d have to define ‘start.’ I take so long to get around to making a movie that I don’t know when it starts.”

The style of the film was so unique, and Beatty wouldn’t be drawn into whether it would be digitally produced or not. He also wouldn’t say whether he’d step back in front of the camera for it either.

Hopefully this also means that a digitally polished hi-def version of the original will make its way to Blu-ray, where the stunning yellow trenchcoat will finally get a chance to shine.

Don’t know about you, but we’re excited…

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