Final Fantasy 14 has more Deep Dungeons on the way

More Deep Dungeons are on the way to Final Fantasy 14.

Producer/director Naoki Yoshida confirmed the news at this weekend’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, which is taking place in Korea. 

After reporting that so “many people around the world wanted more deep dungeons”, Yoshida confirmed that the roguelite missions will be making a return with patch content 6.x. Though he stopped short of confirming precise release dates, we know that the first 6.0 patch is expected to release in the next month or so, so hopefully dungeon fans won’t have to wait too long before they can plunge the depths once more.

Yoshi-P said during the Korean FFXIV FanFes that they heard many people around the world wanted more deep dungeons, and he said they will bring back a new deep dungeon series starting in the 6.X patches. #FFXIV 12, 2022

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Deep Dungeons are roguelite multi-floor challenges with their own leveling system and items that can be played either solo or in a party. 

Final Fantasy 14 is now back on digital sale after developer Square Enix was forced to temporarily suspend sales for the highly successful MMORPG (opens in new tab) to keep up with the high demand and better manage lengthy queues for fans (opens in new tab) trying to join the game. 

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Wondering if you should give Final Fantasy 14 a go in 2022 (opens in new tab)? Hirun has you covered.

“Just over a month from Endwalker’s launch, Final Fantasy 14 has arguably never been in better shape than it has been right now,” he wrote. “It might take you potentially hours to get into the MMORPG in the first place – hell, you can’t even get into the game at all right now if you’re a brand new prospective player – but what awaits you after is a vast and welcoming player base, Dungeons with hordes of players chomping at the bit to squad up, an enthralling new storyline and subsequent lands to explore, and so much more. 

“Whether you’re a new player or returning to Eorzea after a little break, there really isn’t a better time to experience Final Fantasy 14 for yourself.”

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