FIFA 22 Xbox resolution issue is being investigated

A FIFA 22 Xbox resolution issue is being investigated by EA.

As pointed out by a GamesRadar+ reader in an email earlier today, FIFA 22 players on Xbox Series S are facing resolution problems across the game. As reported on the EA forums (opens in new tab), it appears the Xbox Series S version of the game upscales the game’s resolution from 720p to 1080p, resulting in a largely blurred image when both navigating FIFA 22’s menus and playing the game itself.

According to the EA forum post, 139 players are also experiencing this issue with the Xbox Series S version of FIFA 22. However, EA is actively investigating the issue. In a response to the original post on the EA forums, a community manager wrote that the developer/publisher is “investigating the issue,” and will “provide an update as soon as we have one.” 

The EA representative is keen to remind players that the developer is not ignoring their questions, and is listening to the game’s community at large. Although the issue with the Xbox Series S version of FIFA 22 is unfortunate, it’s a relief to know that the development team at EA isn’t about to let the issue go without a remedy. 

FIFA 22 is out right now across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Google Stadia. For our full thoughts on everything that this year’s iteration of the game gets right and wrong, check out our complete FIFA 22 review for more.

You can head over to our full FIFA 22 ratings guide for a complete list of the very best players in the entire game. 

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