Check out Xbox Ones Everspace Encounters expansion

Today interstellar shooter Everspace gets a brand new expansion for Xbox One, which includes ten hours of gameplay and 4K support for Xbox One X. Check out the trailer above, which is stuffed to the space helmet with insane weapons like the Neutron Cannon and the Lightning Gun. 

“We know that are our fans on Xbox have been waiting for this release for a long time, which is why we’re thrilled to launch Encounters on Xbox One, today,” says  CEO of development studio Rockfish Games, Michael Schade. 

“Of course, we are still supporting Play Anywhere, so Everspace pilots can delve into even more fast-paced space action and content to explore, as well as new deep space encounters to experience on both platforms without paying twice.”

Everspace was released last May, mixing a non-linear story with space combat and even a touch of roguelike, and Xbox One players have had to be especially patient waiting for this particular update. 

The game has been in the news for other reasons too this month, after Schade gave a peek behind the scenes during a talk at an industry event. He revealed (opens in new tab) the studio paid thousands for a pro streamer who “played like a f**king moron.” Ouch.

“The next time we work with an influencer we’re going to make sure they are really good at a 3D space game otherwise we’re not going to do this.” 

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