FIFA 20 Give Me Five SBC: A cheap solution to complete this Squad Building Challenge

The very first Squad Building Challenge you’ll be faced with when you get to the Advanced category is the FIFA 20 Give Me Five SBC, found under the Hybrid Leagues header. You need five different leagues with a minimum of six rare players for this one, but thanks to the low minimum rating of 69 (nice), you’re not limited to gold players. You can complete this FIFA 20 (opens in new tab) challenge very cheaply and luckily for you, we’ve got one of the absolute cheapest ways of doing it right here.

FIFA 20 Give Me Five SBC solution

FIFA 20 Give Me Five SBC

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The FIFA 20 Give Me Five SBC is one of the cheapest you’ll come across while doing Squad Building Challenges, and it’s largely due to the lax requirements. I managed to complete it for under 5,000 coins but if any of the listed players below have since skyrocketed in price, there’s a few options you can substitute out without any issues.

My most expensive players here were Ljajic and Hartherz at 700 coins apiece, with Romulo coming in 50 coins cheaper, but if you want to aim to get everyone for less than 500 coins then have a play around with it and see what you can conjure up. 5,000 coins still isn’t much for the Prime Mixed Players Pack reward, which has 12 players – four bronze, four silver, and four gold – with six rares. Here’s my complete solution:

GK: D. Moldovan [ROM 1/Romania] – 200 coins

RB: D. Zappacosta [ITA 1/Italy] – 500 coins

CB: I. Balaur [ROM 1/Romania] – 200 coins

CB: R. Bouhenna [ROM 1/Algeria] – 450 coins

LB: F. Hartherz [GER 2/Germany] – 700 coins

RM: Romulo [ITA 1/Italy] – 650 coins

CM: A. Hutchinson [TUR 1/Canada] – 400 coins

LM: F. Pick [GER 3/Germany] – 300 coins

CAM: A. Ljajic [TUR 1/Serbia] – 700 coins

CAM: M. Zajc [TUR 1/Slovenia] – 350 coins

ST: V. Muriqi [TUR 1/Kosovo] – 350 coins

Total: 4,800 coins

Note: The FIFA 20 transfer market fluctuates wildly and while this was the cheapest solution I could find at the time of writing, the prices may have increased since. For other possible solutions, visit Futbin (opens in new tab).

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