FIFA 20 Around The World SBC: How to complete the Squad Building Challenge cheaply

If you’ve made it to the end of the Hybrid Nations category of Squad Building Challenges, you’ll be faced with the FIFA 20 Around The World SBC. The toughest one in the category, you need to have exactly 10 different nationalities with 100 chemistry, a minimum rating of 81, and at least eight rare players. Rare players in FIFA 20 (opens in new tab) are usually much more expensive than common ones, so if you want to know how to complete the FIFA 20 Around The World SBC cheaply, read on for our solution.

FIFA 20 Around The World SBC solution

FIFA 20 Around The World SBC

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Thanks to the requirement of having eight rare players, you need to fork out 2,000 coins apiece for players like Jarstein in goal and Piszczek at right back. You’ll also need to spend over a grand on Forsberg, Ginter, and Sabitzer, but thankfully the rest of the team comes in at less. This SBC isn’t actually too difficult to complete, you just need to find a league which has players from a plethora of nationalities, and also one where you can pick up players in the right positions for cheap.

Also, bear in mind that you absolutely must have loyalty on all your players to reach 100 chemistry. If you’ve no idea what that means or how to get loyalty, make sure you check out our FIFA 20 loyalty glitch (opens in new tab) guide.

Here’s the full list of players I used and how much they cost:

GK: R. A. Jarstein [GER 1/Norway] – 2,000 coins

RWB: L. Piszczek [GER 1/Poland] – 2,000 coins

CB: S. Sane [GER 1/Senegal] – 950 coins

CB: M. Hasebe [GER 1/Japan] – 900 coins

CB: M. Ginter [GER 1/Germany] – 1,300 coins

LWB: J. Hector [GER 1/Germany] – 900 coins

CM: E. Forsberg [GER 1/Sweden] – 1,800 coins

CM: M. Sabitzer [GER 1/Austria] – 1,100 coins

RW: I. Traore [GER 1/Guinea] – 550 coins

ST: W. Weghorst [GER 1/Netherlands] – 750 coins

LW: S. Kalou [GER 1/Ivory Coast] – 750 coins

Total: 13,000 coins

Note: The FIFA 20 transfer market fluctuates wildly and while this was the cheapest solution I could find at the time of writing, the prices may have increased since. For other possible solutions, visit Futbin (opens in new tab).

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