Fall Guys reveals Halo skins in amazing parody of the best Halo commercial

Fall Guys is getting Halo skins on June 30, as developer Mediatonic revealed in a new trailer styled after the iconic Believe commercials for Halo 3. 

Fall Guys’ Spartan Showdown will run from June 30 through July 4. Confirmed Halo cosmetics include an oddly cute but also slightly unnerving Master Chief bean (Master Bean?), a separate cat-eared Spartan helmet, and even some enemy skins based on Grunts and Brutes. 

Those Halo skins are a perfect fit for Fall Guys’ take on the Believe ad, which is basically a shot-for-shot recreation. The nod from Master Chief, the grenade in his hand, the veritable rainbow of beans tumbling and colliding on the battlefield – all the iconic moments are there, just as you remember them. If you’re looking for a reference or just some nostalgia, you can watch the actual ad, which is still up on the Youtube channel of Halo creator Bungie, here (opens in new tab).

The pricing and availability of this event’s Halo cosmetics are still to be announced. The obligatory, fine print trailer blurb notes that “items shown may require separate purchase from the in-game store and are subject to availability,” but that’s not unusual and doesn’t really narrow it down. 

Fall Guys is coming to Switch and Xbox on June 21, and the game will also become free-to-play across all platforms on the same day, with full cross-play and cross-progression support. Under its new free-to-play model, Fall Guys will dish out items through a season pass split into free and premium routes. We know that the game’s free progression path will remain, but it’s unclear how limited cosmetics like these Halo skins factor in. We can expect more details soon enough. 

Fall Guys is becoming a hangout for console icons. Late last year, Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy joined the bean Olympics

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