Download of the Week: Radiant Silvergun

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Download of the week: Radiant Silvergun – the classic and (formerly) ultra-rare bullet hell shooter

Platform: Xbox Live | Publisher: Microsoft | Developer: Treasure | Price: 1200 MS Points

It’s been 13 years since its first release on the Saturn and if you weren’t one of the few mad people who decided to pay more than £100 for a Japanese import, you have probably never played Radiant Silvergun. So what’s better than being able to play Treasure’s classic shoot ‘em up in all new hi-def glory? Add in an online co-op mode and a fraction of the Saturn version’s eBay price and you’ve got a winner.

Want more DLC? Check these out:

Renegade Ops: XBLA/PSN | Sega | £9.99/1200MS Points

We’re on a shoot ’em up kick today but if you don’t like sci-fi style shooters then why not a more conventional car combat shooter. Well guess what? Right here is one.

Mega Man: Dr Wiley’s Revenge | 3DS eShop | Capcom | £3.60

Another Game Boy classic has found its way onto the 3DS. The most common consensus is that Dr Wiley’s Revenge is freaking hard. So if you’re up for a challenge or like 8-bit cuteness with your sadomasochistic tendencies, this is for you.

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16 Sep, 2011

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