10 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Odd Couples

Inter-species relationships and their particular problems

They say opposites attract but in the realms of sci-fi the opportunities for unusual pairings are more extreme than most. We’ve taken our pick of ten of our favourite inter-species (common or garden humans not included) couples in comics, TV and film. We haven’t put them in order (cause frankly choosing them was difficult enough – the decision to include Scarlet Witch and Vision and ignore Wolverine/Jean Grey caused much controversy and not a little pouting) but we think we’ve got some of the best non-human pairings out there.

What do you think? Who have we missed? And who’re your favourites who aren’t on the list?

Succubus (her) & Wolf-shifter (him)

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Who: Bo (Anna Silk) and Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried)

Where: Lost Girl

You’d think the whole ‘potentially sucking the life force from a suitor until they are dead’ succubus thing is going to scupper any potential for romance – as well as being the kind of cautionary sexual allegory and advert for celibacy that Stephanie Meyer herself would be proud of – but despite the accidental killing thing, Bo does okay on the romance front.

Dyson ticks lots of the sci-fi and fantasy romantic hero boxes. Potentially awkward multi-century age difference? Check. Propensity to brood? Check. Hidden agenda which will cause massive problems when it’s finally revealed? Check. Self sacrifice for our heroine? Definitely.

Any other potential suitors? Lauren (a human doctor and, yes, a woman – and she’s more likely Bo’s potential suitor, not Dyson’s).

Star-crossed lovers or happy ever after? (Spoiler warning if you’ve only just started watching season one in the UK) With season two only just started airing in Canada, it’s too early to tell for sure but initial signs aren’t good. He accidentally had sex with her Mum and then did a deal with the Norn to give up what was most important to him in the world, which he thought would be his wolfdom, but of course is actually his love for Bo. Definitely not worth buying a wedding hat just yet.

Think of the children! At the moment the possibilities of progeny are slim, but if there ever were any they’d be very pretty. And have a great sense of smell.


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