DokeV looks so good thanks to a 180 camera set-up to scan real-world items into the game

DokeV is scanning in real-world items to use in its open world, including literal terrain.

Yesterday on October 12, Korean news channel OMG-electronics took a trip to the Pearl Abyss development studios, in a 10-minute video you can watch here (opens in new tab) (with English subtitles to boot). Over the course of the video, the channel pinpoints DokeV‘s realistic Korean in-game world, which it’s then revealed is achieved by scanning in real-world objects from Korea with 180 cameras.

Specifically, developer Pearl Abyss is actually scanning in parts of terrain for use in DokeV. At one point, the video from OMG-electronics zooms in on the background of a scene in DokeV, where a cliff face resides behind several characters. It’s then revealed that the development team actually scanned in this specific section of cliff to recreate in their open-world RPG.

Talk about going above and beyond. If you’re unfamiliar with DokeV, it’s an action-RPG from Pearl Abyss where the player character collects creatures to duke it out with others around the world. While DokeV used to be an MMO when it was first unveiled back in 2019, it actually transitioned to a single-player RPG, introducing a brand new trailer earlier this year at the Gamescom Opening Night Live ceremony in August.

Since then, it’s absolutely captivated players around the world. DokeV doesn’t have a confirmed release date right now, but we do know it’ll be coming to PC at launch, as well as new-gen consoles including the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

For more on what developer Pearl Abyss hopes to accomplish with their upcoming game, you can head over to our extensive DokeV preview for more.

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