Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location, September 30 – October 2. MIDA Multi-Tool!

Xur, Destiny (opens in new tab)’s travelling weekend exotic trader, award-winning avant garde milliner, and shameless Tuesday drunkard, is back. This week, he’s in the Tower Hangar, over near the bar. Because of course he is. But what’s he selling? 

These things. These things are the things that he is selling. 

 • The Armamentarium (Exotic Titan chest armour) – 13SC
• Sealed Ahamkara Grasps (Exotic Hunter gauntlets) – 13SC
• Voidfang Vestments (Exotic Warlock chest armour) – 13SC
• MIDA Multi-Tool (Exotic scout rifle) – 17SC
• Legacy Engram (Leg armour) – 31 Strange Coins
• Heart of Gold (Truth Ornament) – 25 Silver Dust
• Iconoclast (Invective Ornament) – 25 Silver Dust
• Three of Coins – 7SC
• Glass Needle – 3SC 

So what’s good? Well the armour is all solid, but none of it is entirely remarkable. The Armamentarian lets Titans carry an extra grenade for each charge, and also carry more ammo for special and heavy weapons, while the Hunters’ Sealed Ahamkara Grasps do similar, granting an additional melee for each charge while also adding a chance to reload your primary weapon upon melee damage doled out. With a selectable perk decreasing overall melee cooldown, that’s a heck of a boon to the knife-throwing, arc-stepping part of your game. In fact, while neither exotic is entirely a show-stopper, both could be pretty powerful as part of the right, sympathetic character build. 

The same goes for the Warlocks’ Voidfang Vestments, which give full grenade energy on spawn, and add an extra seeker shot to the Axion Bolt grenade. Obviously you lose half the value if you don’t use Axion Bolts, and you do have to actually die to make the other perk work, but it’s a fairly tasty set-up, if not a vital one, and should deliver huge advantages in the Crucible. 

And on the altogether gunnier side of things? The MIDA Multi-Tool is a legend for very good reasons. It speeds you up. It fires on a hair-trigger. It has a decent rate of fire, strong range, and reloads so fast that it’s quite frankly a nonsense. Also, it keeps your radar up when you’re aiming down the sights. And you can add a selectable, additional agility buff if you really want to laugh in the face of God, and that petty little ‘physics’ project of his. Particularly if you’e a Hunter and combine it with the speed-boosting Radiant Dance Machines. It also secretly has high-calibre rounds, meaning that you can stagger with precision shots by default. Basically, this thing is strong in a whole lot of areas. It might not have one, stand-out gimmick, but its overall set-up makes it a bit of a beast in any situation you’ll find yourself in. 

And while you’re at Xur’s stall, stock up on Three of Coins. I know that’s standard practice – or should be – but trust me, really stock up this week. Once you hit around 340 – 350 Light with Rise of Iron (opens in new tab), those blue engrams start dropping at the bottom end of that spectrum by default. Quickly and drastically. Yep, Destiny is telling you in no uncertain terms to stop relying on drops and get out and find good gear for yourself. And with a pretty big Light gap between 340 and the standard level of the most profitable playlists, a few new (free) exotics are really going to help  

As ever, Xur will be around until 2am PT / 10am UK on Sunday, at which point he’ll spirit himself merrily away for another week. 

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