Destiny players raise over $1 million for Nepal earthquake fund

So some genuinely heartwarming news that shows you’re all brilliant humans. Bungie has raised more than $1 million for Direct Relief’s Nepal Earthquake fund. More than 50,000 gamers bought Bungie’s exclusive Nepal earthquake t-shirt (opens in new tab) to raise the biggest single donation to Direct Relief for the appeal.

In its blog post (opens in new tab), Direct Relief’s CEO Thomas Tighe says “The Bungie community’s amazing support will translate immediately and directly into help for people in Nepal who experienced a tremendous blow, are in a very difficult and more vulnerable situation now as monsoon season nears, and also have a long, tough road ahead. Every penny will be spent to help strengthen essential health services that were needed before the earthquakes and much more so now.”

Activision also matched a $50,000 donation from the Bungie Foundation and fundraising is now over. In a community post (opens in new tab) Bungie’s DeeJ states “The rest of the world is discovering what we’ve known at Bungie for many years. When disaster strikes and aid is needed, Guardians are powerful allies to have on your side. You’re our pride and joy, Destiny Community. We’re in awe of you every day, and we thank you.”

You can see three Destiny (opens in new tab) gamers presenting the giant cheque in the video below. Genuine warm and fuzzy feeling creating stuff.

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