Destiny: Age of Triumphs launch trailer teases raid loot, playlists, and the biggest record book

The Destiny 2 (opens in new tab) rumors are coming hot and heavy now, including an allegedly leaked poster showing a September 2017 release date (opens in new tab), but the original Destiny (opens in new tab) isn’t done quite yet. The Age of Triumph event begins next week and Bungie has published a new trailer showing how it will take your Guardian on a victory lap of all their most glorious achievements.

You may have caught on by now that there isn’t very much all-new stuff in this final live event. It’s more of a clip show than a proper season finale. But even if you’ve killed all these baddies before, the update will give you plenty of reason to slay them again and again: loot boxes full of stuff you missed before, new upgrades, and the biggest record book ever, to name a few.

Can we take a moment and sincerely appreciate how Destiny has managed to turn a dozen pages full of progress bars into an exciting selling point? Sometimes I still can’t believe Bungie ever managed to pull this game off.

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