BioShock Infinite Infusion locations guide: Where to upgrade your health, shield, and salts

As you journey and battle your way around Columbia, you’re going to rely heavily on your health, shields, and salts to get you through – the good news is you can boost Booker’s levels of those three qualities by consuming BioShock Infinite Infusions. Each of these magical bottles you find will let you choose one ability and let you upgrade it a maximum of ten times, so finding all of them will really give you a competitive edge over your enemies, as well as unlocking the “Infused with Greatness” trophy or achievement in the process. If you want to push your stats to the limit, follow our guide to all of the BioShock Infinite Infusion locations and you’ll be stronger than ever!

Comstock Center Rooftops

Lansdowne Residence – Infusion #1

After crashing through the roof into the bedroom, follow the stairs and hallway. On the right at the end is another bedroom. Inside you’ll find a locked chest, which holds your first Infusion. The key is found near the second Infusion.

The Fraternal Order of the Raven – Infusion #2

After encountering the Zealots, you’ll find this power up at the altar in the center of the room. Grab the key at the same altar. Now you’ll be able to backtrack to the locked chest and grab Infusion #1.

Monument Island Gateway

Monument Island Gateway – Infusion #3

Ride the Sky-Line to an upper platform with a telescope on it, then head inside and around to the right to find Infusion #3.

Monument Tower

Monument Island Tower – Infusion #4

Continue until you reach a chalkboard in front of a huge electronic device. Between the chalkboard and the desk lies another Infusion.

Battleship Bay

Park Ticketing – Infusion #5

After Elizabeth runs away and the cops open the gate, exit and follow the hallway around the corner to the left. Make another left to enter the ticketing office. You’ll find this power up on a desk in the middle of the room.

Soldier’s Field

Soldier’s Field Welcome Center – Infusion #6

Once you enter the main building, head left. Over here is a locked door Elizabeth can pick. Have her do so, and head to the back of the room. You’ll find an Infusion on a desk.

The Fellow Traveler – Infusion #7

Across from Patriot’s Pavilion is the Fellow Traveler. Head to the back right to find the bathrooms. Inside one, a Vox Populi cipher is scribbled onto the wall. Elizabeth can decode this, but you’ll need a code book to do so.

The code book is found in the cannon on the ground floor of Patriot’s Pavilion. Grab it, return to the cipher, and activate the hat in the next bathroom to open a secret chamber. You’ll find this Infusion on a side table inside.

Hall of Heroes

Hall of Heroes – Infusion #8

As you make your way through the stage, Slate will speak over the intercom and send some soldiers through a set of double doors to attack you. Enter the room they came from and head to the back. You’ll find an Infusion back here.

Hall of Heroes Gift Shop

Return to the Courtyard – Infusion #9

During the battle with Slate, some soldiers will burst through a Shock Jockey door on the ground level of the battle area. Enter the door and go to the back of the room to find a toolbox atop the desk. Expertly hidden inside the toolbox is another Infusion.

Return to the Hall of Heroes

The First Lady’s Airship – Infusion #10

After riding the elevator, you’ll be at the airship proper. Board and turn right to find this power up on a writing desk.

Fort Franklin Pier

Fort Franklin Pier – Infusion #11

Once you are tasked with rescuing Elizabeth, move to the glass wall you saw her through. There are two doors in this hall that lead to a jail cell area. You can grab this Infusion through the bars inside.

Finkton Proper

Worker Induction Center – Infusion #12

Walk past the blocked elevators and keep left to find a locked door. Have Elizabeth pick it, and you’ll find this Infusion atop a desk just right of the door.

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